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We now stock a fantastic new UK woven and processed linen union fabric! Available in 10 colourways, composing 60% cotton 40% linen and with a rub test of 20,000, this fabric is suitable for a variety of uses including loose covers, curtains and throws. Sanforized to reduce shrinkage and with a soft, slightly brushed finish on one side, it is machine washable @ 30C.  Initial response has been good with one customer commenting “it is a lovely fabric to work with.” It is competitively priced so why not ask for a free colour swatch card to show your customers?



BRITISH TRIMMINGS has changed its trading terms in a way that is not beneficial to us and, therefore, also not to you. We are not quite sure what the future holds, but for now we can only offer you 40A Scroll Gimp and 1476 Braid until it runs out.  (Currently we do have good stock of these products.)  We are unable to order any other British Trimming products with the exception of 9940 13mm Scroll Gimp and 1140 13mm French Gimp, both of which are in 33m lengths and have a lead time of approximately 3-4 weeks.   We do also have a quantity of discontinued trimmings so please ask if you would like more information.


Trimmings by Design and Wemyss Houles are not affected. 



We now stock another Blackout Lining which we are selling at a very reasonable price.  It comes in Ivory only, as FR and non-FR, with a very soft feel.  If anyone is interested in it, please ask for SILKEN Blackout.



If you are wanting a material which is brightly coloured and with cheerful patterns, why not look at the RIOMA fabrics, shown on the website.  They are inexpensive, double width and some of them may be suitable for bed throws and table cloths.



Normal trading terms and conditions apply.





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