Privacy Policy

Glover Bros Ltd supplies materials to the upholstery and soft furnishing TRADES. Therefore its trade is all Business to Business, and any data we hold, and any communication from us to our customers, is for our mutual benefit and is covered by “legitimate interest” and to enable us to fulfil our contractual obligations. All data will have been supplied by our customers themselves, and many of our customers are limited companies in which case personal data is limited to personal e-mail addresses. Information is stored in secure locations, including information stored electronically.

The data we hold is only that which is required to trade successfully with customers, and includes, but is not limited to

  1. Names and addresses
  2. Telephone & fax numbers and e-mail addresses
  3. Trading history and payment record
  4. Credit and debit card details when used for taking payments, such details are destroyed when no longer needed.
  5. Evidence that the customer is genuinely in the upholstery and/or soft furnishing trade(s).
  6. References for new (credit) accounts, and credit reports from credit reference agencies.
  7. Very occasionally data of a more personal nature may be recorded if it is to the benefit of our relationship with a customer, such as birthdays, absence from work for sickness, holidays or bereavement.

We do not sell or pass on customer’s personal details to anyone, except when it is in the customer’s interest, or for the efficient administration of our business. Examples include

  1. To carriers to effect delivery.
  2. To Royal Mail for deliveries and postal communications.
  3. To suppliers for direct delivery or advice.
  4. Data can also be accessed by a number of third parties who support many of our business activities, such as IT, accounting software & telephone support, e-mail & website hosts.
  5. We provide our Bank with customers’ bank account details when we pay in cheques or make on line payments.
  6. Others could include Insurance broker/company, external accountants, solicitors, HMRC, credit & debit card payment providers, debt collection agencies and the Courts.
  7. In so far as we are able, we obtain confirmation that these third parties are GDPR compliant.

For several years now we have been e-mailing customers regularly with information intended for their benefit, such as

  1. Special offers
  2. New products
  3. Price reductions
  4. Changes to delivery schedules, office closure dates and other information

E-mails being the most cost effective way of communicating with customers, and with legitimate interest in mind, we intend to carry on sending these e-mails. For anyone who does not wish to receive them, there is a tick box at the foot of each one for unsubscribing, but customers who are still in trade are recommended to consider this carefully before doing so.

Invoices, statements and other documents may be e-mailed to customers.

Trade references may be sought when necessary and given when requested.

Personal data relating to suppliers is dealt with as securely and as seriously as that of customers. It is held for the same legitimate interest reasons.

As a rule we do not delete customer’s data from our records unless we are notified that a person has retired from the trade or has died. We continually update data as and when we are notified. Anyone who advises us that he/she wishes to be forgotten will have their data removed from our records in so far as we are able.

Our Privacy Policy may be amended or updated as and when required.